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Bringing treatments designed to restore the balance of the immune system to patients who hope to restore the balance in their lives.

When life hangs in the balance.

Equillium is actively recruiting individuals to participate in a clinical trial for acute graft-versus-host disease (aGVHD).

About Equillium's Multi-Cytokine Inhibitor Platform

First-in-class structured-domain peptides that inhibit multiple disease driving cytokines with applications in numerous inflammatory conditions.

Arising from a proprietary discovery platform, the peptides utilize a novel modality to selectively inhibit multiple disease driving cytokines, while leaving other immune regulatory pathways intact.

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Krishna Polu, M.D., Equillium’s former Chief Medical Officer, discusses how itolizumab uniquely modulates both the activity and trafficking of teff cells.

About Itolizumab

Itolizumab is being developed in multiple severe immuno-inflammatory diseases.

Itolizumab is a clinical-stage, first-in-class immune-modifying monoclonal antibody that targets the CD6-ALCAM signaling pathway to selectively downregulate pathogenic T effector cells while preserving T regulatory cells critical for maintaining a balanced immune response.

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